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8L High/Low Pressure Gas Water Heater

8L Gas Water Heater 8LGWH

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High efficient energy saving: the heater exchanger and main burner adopt mostly advanced energy-saving and combustion technology to decrease gas consumption and burning noise. The installation of this appliance must be carried out by a certified gas practitioner, in accordance with sans 10087-1. Only a sans 827 approved 2.8 kpa regulator must be used.

Low water-pressure startup: the water control linkage valve makes the heater start up under low water pressure and stable water flowing under high pressure to meet the requirements of those in water shortage areas and those living in high stairs.
Manifold auto protection: for the sake of your safety.
 Over water pressure protection function: to automatically decrease pressure under excessive high water pressure.
Anti-freezing protection function: the anti-freezing apparatus candischarge the stock water to avoid damaging machine itself by freezing under cold areas or in case of long-time no use.
Controller design: both cold water and warm water can be properly controlled.
Magnificent thin-shaped appearance: It’s designed by modern fashionable line shape.

Gas Regulator (Installer to note)

This appliance consumes over 2kg GAS p/h. For the appliance to operate at full design capacity, we recommend that an approved sans1237 2.8kPa Regulator with a flow rate greater than 2kg/hr be used.

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